Faith Communities

 Why does faith matter?

The spiritual and religious beliefs and community can have a tremendous impact on a victim/survivor of abuse:
→ Their religion can be a RESOURCE or a ROADBLOCK to safety and healing
→ Religious communities, spiritual beliefs, sacred texts are sometimes the only things a victim/survivor has for care and support
→ Faith leaders are often "first responders" to the crisis of a victim/survivor
→ Faith communities are dedicated to living out the sacred calling of protecting the vulnerable, and holding abusers accountable for their actions



Faith Will Be A Resource or a Roadblock:

The interpretation of sacred scriptures, and religious traditions and culture will impact a victim's/survivor's response to abuse.Read More>>>

Faith is a Source of Care and Support

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Faith Leaders are "First Responders"
What They Say & Do Can Make a Difference

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We Are Called to Protect the Vulnerable
We Are Called to Hold People Accountable for Their Sins

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Resources and Roadblocks

Theological Education

Self Care/ Trauma Stewardship