Faith: A significant aspect of self-care

As advocates and activists working to end violence, we often see and hear the worst; and often we’ve experienced the worst first-hand. For many of us, our religious and spiritual practices and beliefs are a key to how we process and recover from exposure to trauma. Our spiritual communities may be one place where we can seek support and guidance.

Faith: Questions for activists to consider

• How does Spirit (however you define it) inspire you?

• What beliefs and traditions and practices support your work for justice?

• What traditions (new or ancient) do you use to overcome the weariness that is part of activism?

• What practices sustain you?

• Where do you turn for spiritual sustenance?









For advocates and activists faith can be a source of hope and healing that provides:

• Connection to something greater

• Connection to community and support

• Connection to family, tradition, history

• Spiritual sustenance

• Accessible language of hope, healing, and a recognition of suffering