Why Faith Matters


Transitions at FaithTrust Institute

Dear friends,

Because you are supporters and allies of FaithTrust Institute, I am writing to share news about the organization's upcoming transitions. Like many non-profits, we have faced growing financial challenges generated by the March 2020 COVID lockdown. We have worked thoughtfully to continue our programming with fewer staff hours and reduced expenses. Additionally, we have looked for ways to continue to make our resources available to a wide audience. In our ongoing efforts to act as good stewards of our resources, we are announcing a few changes. The staff has already begun the Free-for-All Initiative, which will make the books and videos created and published by the organization free on public online sites. We are delighted to announce that our books and print resources will be hosted on VAWnet, which is the online library of National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV). Our videos will be available for free on FaithTrust Institute’s YouTube channel. The staff is currently focusing on having this project completed by the end of June 2022.With the implementation of the Free-for-All Initiative, our online store will be closing effective June 20, 2022. We will no longer sell and ship print or video products. All the materials that we have published over our 45 years will be available for free to download at VAWnet and the YouTube channel.

Our online Buddhist boundary training, with its core FaithTrust Institute curriculum, is moving to a new organization formed by our outstanding teacher group. Fall 2022 class registration is now available at BuddhistHealthyBoundaries.org and we encourage you to sign up for this critical boundary education program.

We are moving to a virtual office space effective June 30, 2022 and therefore closing our physical office in Seattle, Washington. You can still find us online at www.faithtrustinstitute.org. Our website will continue to provide links to resources, training, and organizational information. On behalf of the board and staff, we thank you and are deeply grateful for your support of our mission and work.

Jane Fredricksen
Executive Director, FaithTrust Institute


Why Faith Matters

Why Faith Matters: Responding to Sexual Violence and Abuse

This will be available for free at VAWnet.org

Why Faith Matters was supported by a grant from RALIANCE Foundation.


Welcome to the Network!

On September 27-28, 2019 FaithTrust Institute and InFaith Community Foundation hosted our annual Safe & Healthy Churches: Ending Family Violence Training in Norfolk, VA. What a wonderful, committed group of people who came together through a dedication to protecting the vulnerable and creating safety and healing in their churches.

Welcome to the new members of the Why Faith Matters Network!


Welcome to the Network!

On September 28-29, 2018 FaithTrust Institute and InFaith Community Foundation hosted our annual Safe & Healthy Churches: Ending Family Violence Training in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful experience, held at the First United Methodist Church of San Diego.

We welcome the new members of the Why Faith Matters Network!


About Why Faith Matters

Spheres of Action: Advocates/Activists, Educators/Scholars, Faith Communities, Survivors

There are four spheres of action that we address on Why Faith Matters:

The experts in any movement to end violence are the victims/survivors. Their knowledge, stories, and voices must be central to our movement to eliminate intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child abuse, and all forms of harassment and bullying.


Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune on
Why Faith Matters

How Faith Communities Talk About Abstinence and Virginity Impacts Teens
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