Why Faith Matters

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

This is an annual opportunity to raise awareness, take action, and educate your faith community about intimate partner violence.

To help you in your activism, we've put together a DVAM toolkit that you can download and use throughout the month of October.


Welcome to the Network!

On September 28-29 FaithTrust Institute and InFaith Community Foundation hosted our annual Safe & Healthy Churches: Ending Family Violence Training in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful experience, held at the First United Methodist Church of San Diego.

We welcome the new members of the Why Faith Matters Network!


About Why Faith Matters

Spheres of Action: Advocates/Activists, Educators/Scholars, Faith Communities, Survivors

There are four spheres of action that we address on Why Faith Matters:

The experts in any movement to end violence are the victims/survivors. Their knowledge, stories, and voices must be central to our movement to eliminate intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child abuse, and all forms of harassment and bullying.

Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune on
Why Faith Matters

How Faith Communities Talk About Abstinence and Virginity Impacts Teens
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