Why Faith Matters


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On September 28-29 FaithTrust Institute and InFaith Community Foundation hosted our annual Safe & Healthy Churches: Ending Family Violence Training in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful experience, held at the First United Methodist Church of San Diego.

We welcome the new members of the Why Faith Matters Network!


About Why Faith Matters

Spheres of Action: Advocates/Activists, Educators/Scholars, Faith Communities, Survivors

There are four spheres of action that we address on Why Faith Matters:

The experts in any movement to end violence are the victims/survivors. Their knowledge, stories, and voices must be central to our movement to eliminate intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child abuse, and all forms of harassment and bullying.

 Upcoming Events:

Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune on
Why Faith Matters

How Faith Communities Talk About Abstinence and Virginity Impacts Teens
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